Aydin Salek Leadership Scholarship was founded in honor of Aydin’s life and his contributions as a student and a community leader. Aydin’s life was guided by his compassion for friends and family, his never ending thirst for knowledge, and his fearless drive to initiate and make a difference. Through this scholarship, it is our objective to provide financial help to other high school seniors who embody those same ideals and therefore can help carry forward Aydin’s legacy and commitments.

This scholarship will be available to high school seniors with exceptional academic records and leadership roles in extracurricular activities.  The scholarship will be awarded annually upon high school graduation and will go towards paying for tuition and other financial expenses related to attending an accredited university.

The Scholarship selection will be made by the scholarship board made up of a representative from Aydin’s family, a faculty member from South Pasadena High School, and a student representative from its student body.

The contributions made to this scholarship fund will be made available, in their entirety, to the awarded student(s) under the oversight of South Pasadena High School and the scholarship board members.  We begin this scholarship program with the goal of at least one award for the amount of $10,000 to a South Pasadena High School senior in Aydin’s graduating class of 2010. However, based on the financial pledges made, we hope to award a second scholarship to a high-achieving student of Iranian descent, residing in the states, with special interest and dedication to improving Iranian-American affairs.

It is of note that a parallel but independent scholarship program is also being established in Iran with the same objective and emphasis on higher education and leadership development. This program will be managed and funded separately by Aydin’s family and friends who reside in Iran.

We are asking family and friends who would like to take some measure in honoring Aydin’s life to do so through a donation to this scholarship fund, which will truly make an impact by helping support the students that follow in Aydin’s path. We also kindly ask anyone who shares in our mission, to make a one time or annual pledge to help expand the reach of this program and the nurturing of exceptional student leaders.

To support and contribute to Aydin Salek Leadership Fund, please make checks payable to Pasadena Community Foundation and note “Aydin Salek’s Leadership Fund” in the memo. Please mail your donations to:

Pasadena Community Foundation
301 E. Colorado Blvd. Suite 810

Pasadena, CA 91101

All gifts are 100% tax deductible. Tax ID Number will be provided in the acknowledgment letter. Aydin’s Family will also receive an acknowledgment of all gifts donated.

We kindly ask anyone who shares in our mission, to make an annual pledge to help expand the reach of this program and the nurturing of exceptional student leaders.

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