American Cancer Society Award

To continue to encourage other youth and young adult college students to pursue the wonderful path of leadership that Aydin set, American Cancer Society has developed the “Aydin Salek Award.” This award will be given out during the fall of each year as part of American Cancer Society’s local San Gabriel Valley youth community awards.

The “Aydin Salek Award”, is in recognition of exceptional youth leadership and community service in the fight and advocacy against cancer.

Award Criteria:

Any participating students involved in ACS High School Youth Clubs and Colleges Against Cancer  (CAC) Clubs across San Gabriel Valley will be eligible to receive nomination for an award. Candidates who receive this award will be high school youth or college students who are involved in CAC who contribute to the advancement of the American Cancer Society’s mission and civic engagement. ACS (Youth Staff) Health Program Manager, will identify outstanding candidates (and if Aydin’s family chooses to be involved are welcomed to assist in the identification and selection of the candidate). One award will be chosen.  The Youth Awardee and guest will be invited to the San Gabriel Valley, American Cancer Society, Annual Meeting and Awards Recognition Event to receive award.

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