In the memory of Aydin – 2011 Winter

In the memory of Aydin

by Mirhamid Salek

You transformed to rain
Drop by drop
To bestow flowers
With your own essence of generosity

You transformed to light
Ray by ray
To illuminate the earth
To make our world shine

You were a drop
You became an ocean
You were a flame
You became the Sun

Your face
Your memory
Will be with us for ever

Beloved Aydin:

Once again autumn is over as you witnessed that the huge trees around you have shed their leaves on the freezing soil.  Bare in the hands of winter, they protect the mother of earth from the cold.  They cover their own natural habitat with their leaves until the wrath of winter passes; until once again, beautiful blossoms rise from the last warm breathes of their colorful leaves and cry out the life. Exactly, when nobody believes that once again the bundles of life will emerge from the earth, the golden beams of the sun join the hope for life.

Dear Aydin, in these last days of fall, you have experienced the spring around your eternal home twice. Colorful flowers blossom every where and bare trees of the winter wear their green clothes to participate in the big ceremony of life. My beloved! You have witnessed how every living being is rejoicing and dancing.  So  many times during the spring, when I came to visit you, I saw your  //// and rabbits neighbors cheerfully playing around your grave. I am certain that you have not missed watching them.  I have no doubt that you have participated in their childish playfulness.   For, I remember those days when in your childhood you had a little rabbit, whom you used to caress and play with him.   Although you adored it, once the spring came you freed it to go to the jungle and play with its mates.  You shed tears missing it. So, how could you ignore them now? I am wondering if at this new residence of yours you have asked them how they have survived the winter? Do they have winter and its gusts in their minds while now playing cheerfully? Do they remember the rainy days when they were looking for some thing to eat with their weak and wet bodies? How did they overcome the wrath of nature?

I am sure you have inquired them and have admitted that such sufferings are part of their lives as they are part of our human existence. Neither those rabbits, nor us  can eliminate these forces of nature.  Please share the lesson you drew from their though survival with us. I am sure they have recovered the wrath of the winter once they have received the first warm ray of the sun.  Isn’t it so? I am certain that they have freely played in green prairies to forget their sufferings.  Isn’t it so?        Certainly they will tell that they have forgotten the grief of rainy days, but not the happiness of finding some food for their children. Isn’t it so?  I can imagine how they must have lamented about the sadness of their weak bodies. I am sure that  they have ensured you about not surrendering to such hardships. Isn’t it so?

Dear Aydin! With no doubt, you have thought that if these little creatures have overcome the winter, we can too. Yes it is winter now! Cold gusts and snow have broken the body of many huge trees. Freezing soil has killed many roots.  Should we wait so that the winter destroys every thing? Should we neglect the young plants of the garden? With negligence, indifference, or grief we will not be able to save the beautiful flowers from vanishing.  We should act. We have to safeguard the existing ones and plant new flowers. Having those who are not among us anymore in our mind, we have to care for those who are among us and not let them feel lonely. We should spread the seeds of life and plant forests. We should desire life.

Beloved Aydin, when two winters ago your family and friends encountered a wrathful hurricane in the end of the fall, they saw no other way than resisting it. Those who loved you held each other’s hands to help those in need. They build a foyer to overcome the freezing mournfulness. Shoulder to shoulder, your friends and family built a fortress of hope of survival.  But it was not enough to overcome the winter.   They should also invite the spring to this foyer of hope and love.

My sweet Aydin: That was why your friends lit a candle to shed light to our path from a wrathful winter to a hopeful spring. The small flame they lit soon became a warming torch.  Once the first spring came, your friends planted a young tree as a sign of your everlasting greenness.  We have gathered today to celebrate the first fruits of this young tree, which is supposed to become a huge tree some day.  Your friends made the establishment of this foundation possible. And this young tree will grow to a huge fruitful one. Without their help this initiative would never realize.

Today we encourage the Aidyn’s circle of friends to keep this candle alive and help this young tree to grow.  With no doubt, we will make a huge torch out of that candle, and a beautiful forest out of that young tree.

I will not cry out
Unless for waking up the trees
The trees that are Asleep, bent and worn out
by the horrors of winter

I will not cry out
Unless for blowing the freezing soil
In the cold days of winter
To plant green seeds
To wait for the spring
To make the flowers grow
Thousands from one seed
Impatiently, restlessly

I will not cry out
Unless for calling life
And the farthest the life stands
The louder I will cry out

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